Carl Barenbrug

Product design, creative direction

Selection: Architecture

I previously wrote about Minimalissimo's return to print and with it, a fresh art direction and finish. A couple of months since we went to print, I have grown even more proud of this piece of work. It's probably because of the feedback we've received from folks around the globe. And if you're unaware of what the photo book is all about, here's a quick overview:

Selection: Architecture aims to illustrate that minimal architecture is about more than refined design. It goes far beyond the desire for aesthetic pleasure. Free from clutter and visual distraction, minimal spaces quiet external influences and allow us to connect to our inner selves and our deepest values. Every design has an essence, and minimal architecture aims to draw out that essence by limiting the superfluous. Nothing is unintentional. By eliminating excess, minimalism allows a design’s true purpose to come to life. This book takes you through a gallery of international projects from outside-in, appreciating the details along the way.

Someone who got their hands on the book is filmmaker and photographer, Antonio Carusone. We asked him to make a short film to communicate the vibe we wanted when paging through the book. And what he produced was something super beautiful. And the music was produced by PaprTape specifically for this film. Check it out and if you haven't already, buy the book.

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