Carl Barenbrug

Product design, creative direction

What Is Too Minimal?

I'm currently facing a design and marketing challenge related to minimalism. So I want to present a series of questions that you are welcome to help answer in whatever format you like (email, tweet, blog post, or meme).

If you run a website related to minimalism, is it only natural that you should embrace minimalism in all aspects (branding, design, content, technology, carbon impact and so on) or just selective ones? At what point does minimalism become detrimental to a brand or user experience? What is too minimal to succeed? What does success even look like for niche markets?

Does light-touch minimalism just get lost in the crowd, devoid of personality? Conversely, how can a more extreme minimalism engage without losing character or appearing boring and uninspired? How can extreme minimalism for a brand be consistent across all platforms such as website, newsletter, and social media?

How is the right balance struck? Is it even possible? Would you rather play it safe and be guided by metrics? Or would you stick to principles come what may? Or is it better to compromise brand distinctiveness and coherence for the sake of growth and algorithmic obedience?

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