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Product design, creative direction

Support as a Business Model

Allowing readers or fans of your work to financially support you is nothing new. It allows people to become active participants in the work you create and that they value. The most popular platform for this sort of thing is Patreon. A creator gives people access to exclusive content, community, and insight into the creative process. In exchange, creators get the freedom to do their best work, and the stability they need to build an independent creative career. It’s a great business model, because it creates a much stronger connection to your audience. It also limits or entirely removes the need for advertisements.

For individual creators, this movement has been a blessing, and it’s allowed many people to focus entirely on their craft. It’s perhaps less known, or even expected, for studios or brands to do this, but it is something that continues to grow.

Well, I have now moved into that realm of support, specifically for Minimalissimo by creating a membership programme. I like to consider Minimalissimo a little bit different to other design-focused sites and magazines out there. We’re not just dedicated to the niche market of minimalism, but we also do things differently when it comes to advertising. I don’t think anybody appreciates obtrusive ads being plastered all over the place when all you’re trying to do is read a web page. We have never done that and we never will. Your reading experience is what’s really important.

With that in mind, I am experimenting with a model that centres around support and kindness, rather than advertising.

I am not looking to create a subscription service, but I am open to publishing exclusive content. This membership, as fun as it will be to work on, will not become the new focus of what Minimalissimo is. The focus remains on the material we publish daily for everyone to consume.

I am also doing this because I really want to build a better and more direct relationship with our readers. I want to continue to improve the reading and visual experience, and determine what areas are most valued. I also want to build a small community of people whom I can speak with when I’m looking to experiment with an idea. To gain feedback and explore new ideas together.

Instead of using Patreon, we decided to build our own members area on Support is managed through by means of an embedded widget. It’s a very simple setup and I think it works better than sending people off to an entirely different platform.

I hope this is something you like, and I hope you will consider graciously supporting what we do at Minimalissimo. It will be greatly appreciated.

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