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Selling Digital

The idea of selling digital products is growing on me. Firstly, the simplicity and speed of delivering a digital product is far greater than that of a physical one—logistically speaking. Secondly, and probably most importantly, the zero shipping costs involved, and all the risk, stress, and uncertainty that is alleviated. This is also significantly better for the customer. On top of that, refunds and returns are comparatively easier.

When running an online drop-ship shop, selling physical products is really challenging, unless you’re turning over very healthy profits and can afford all the services you need to streamline the process and shipping overheads. Unfortunately, I’m not in that position when it comes to the Minimalissimo Shop, so to reduce these overheads and logistical complications, I’m gravitating towards digital products.

Initially, I’ll be testing the waters with digital versions of the Minimalissimo magazine editions (once the printed copies have sold out). I also want to explore website themes for Kirby. Besides that, I would be open to selling other digital magazines, apps, fonts, or presets.

This is not to say I don’t still appreciate physical products. I plan to continue making print editions of the magazine, as well as other accessories such as the archetypal watch, but if I want to continue running an online shop, I want to enjoy it. Digital products makes for a simpler business and a simpler life. And for that reason, I’m sold.

If you’ve got a digital product that you think would be a good fit for the Minimalissimo Shop, or if you want to collaborate on a product design, let me know.

Update: We just released two Kirby themes designed for bloggers: Minimalist Writer and Minimalist Writer II

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