Carl Barenbrug

Product design, creative direction

ML® Wallpaper Pack

Since the relaunch of, where we created a series of technical drawings inspired by some iconic and beautifully designed objects to the homepage modules, I wanted to further explore this line art direction. So I continued my collaboration with Bakir Fazlic to produce additional illustrations for an aesthetic and minimal wallpaper pack designed for smartphones.

The pack contains 9 technical drawings of objects that represent our love of minimal design and music. What makes this wallpaper pack extra special is that it comes with a PSD file where in Adobe Photoshop you can customise the size, position, stroke, and background of each design, making the pack highly versatile and personalised to you. But even if you don't have the software to edit them, the standard black and white versions look great. Or you can try using Photopea (a free browser-based simulation of Photoshop).

Analogue Pocket
Barcelona lounge chair
Apple iPod
Transparent turntable
AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones
Braun TP1
Fender acoustic guitar
teenage engineering TX-6 mixer

Download the wallpaper pack ($8)

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