Carl Barenbrug

Product design, creative direction

Minimalissimo LAB

Over the course of 2020, I have been making efforts to create a Minimalissimo LAB. “Whatcha talkin‘ bout, Willis?” What I mean by a LAB is a virtual environment that encapsulates all that Minimalissimo makes, curates, and publishes. It’s more a way to organise everything we do and ideas we brew, rather than a physical environment like a workshop. It’s an idea inspired by the folks over at LOT. I love the way they approach creativity and community. So I have looked to evolve this little minimalist house into more than a curation of design inspiration. Primarily to discover how far I can take the company and to keep things interesting for myself. The LAB essentially consists of the following:

Some of these channels help feed the others. For instance, many of our collaborations and in-house designs feed what is available in the shop. These are usually unique products we have made and can be both physical and digital works. Then we have our online publication—the core of Minimalissimo. This feeds into our newsletter and membership. So all of these elements talk to each other to create what Minimalissimo is today—a digital (and occasionally print) publication, a shop, and a creative studio. Collectively and internally speaking, this is the LAB. And this is what my focus will be in 2021. Designing more, making more, selling more, curating well, and growing a community, albeit a small one. And I hope you will consider joining as a member if you haven’t already. I greatly appreciate the support. Large and small.

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