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099 on Product Hunt

If you're unfamiliar with Product Hunt, it's a platform used to share and discover new digital products. Its usefulness has probably waned a lot in recent years unless you're prepared to inject an advertising budget, but I still think there's value in sharing projects organically. There's simply nothing to lose.

You might recall that in the spring of 2023, I started a company called 099 Supply. We craft digital tools for creatives, with our first batch of tools being photorealistic product mockups engineered for graphic designers. We've now produced 15 products to date, one of which is free to download and experiment with.

We've received some useful customer feedback and validation since launch, which has helped shape some of our work in recent months, but we're looking for more. This is the main driver to share a campaign on Product Hunt. I'm also hopeful of reaching a new audience and possibly a boost in traffic, but it's certainly not an expectation.

If you're an active user of Product Hunt, I'd massively appreciate your support by upvoting 099 and sharing sharing any feedback you might have. Hell, you can even create a free account just for this purpose if you're feeling generous with your time. Thank you. I owe you a brew ♡

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