Carl Barenbrug

Product design, creative direction

Barenbrug House

A dream of mine is to build my own home. A minimalist house designed for living, cooking, sharing, and working. I will do my best to make it happen. This is the beginning of the process where I will document ideas, inspirations, plans, updates, issues, and successes.

Fundamental Wishlist
Reading List
Potential Locations
Exterior Moodboard
Interior Moodboard
Materials Moodboard
Estimated Costs


  • Narrowing down potential locations in progress
  • Learning about the process of residential self-building in Scotland in progress
  • Curating the moodboard in progress
  • Saving for land and build mortgage deposit (~£50k) in progress
  • We have decided to either use HebHomes or Kiss House for the build
  • We have decided to opt for a 3-bedroom pre-fab/kit house design


  • A home that feels like a sanctuary
  • A space that feels peaceful and serene
  • Architecture that restores our energy
  • Architecture that encourages creativity
  • As open plan as possible
  • Natural light that fills every room
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Child and animal friendly
  • Modular design that can adapt
  • Adaptable for a family


  • A utilitarian space to enjoy cooking daily
  • Generous kitchen storage
  • A kitchen that is easy to clean and maintain
  • A space to enjoy spending time
  • Open and inviting to other living spaces


  • A space that encourages interaction
  • A balance of style and comfort
  • A space that improves communication


  • A tech-focused setup that works for multiple people
  • Optimised for sitting and standing
  • A place to design digital and physical
  • A space to collaborate
  • Maybe some gaming too


  • An outdoor/sheltered area to exercise
  • Space for a climbing wall
  • Space for equipment/tools storage
  • Grow vegetables/fruits


  • Minimal, functional, simple
  • Fusion of Japanese, Bauhaus, and Scandinavian influences
  • Natural and raw materials
  • Brutalism blended with softness
  • Non-colours blended with natural colours
  • Dark facade (timber)
  • Light(er) interior mixing natural woods with concrete
  • Juxtaposition of tones, textures, and light


  • Single storey (open to multi-storey if floor plan is optimal)
  • 3–4 bedrooms
  • Spacious study
  • Solar panelling (optional)
  • Geothermal energy (if possible)
  • Passivhaus certified (if possible)
  • Chalet/cabin style
  • Rectilinear floor plan
  • Walled garden
  • ~200–400 square metres land plot

Self-build Reading

Potential Locations

Ideally looking to be within ~1 hour drive from Edinburgh

  • Perth
  • Scottish Borders
  • Biggar

Exterior Moodboard

Interior Moodboard

Materials Moodboard

Potential Architects

Estimated Costs

Service Company Cost
Land (plot) TBD £100,000~
House build + appliances TBD £280,000~
Planning application, site prep (groundworks, utilities connections, delivery) TBD £100,000~
Total £480,000~

Estimated Timeline

July 2021 (initial planning) ⟷ July 2025 (completion)

Last modified on 22 Jul 2023